Letter To My Ex | Part 1

Today, I went to your place and returned your keys to your mailbox as you’ve asked. Well, actually you said I could also keep them, but that didn’t feel right. I thought it was something I just had to get done and since I was gonna meet a newly single friend right after, it seemed like good timing. It was no easy moment, however. It made me sad once more. Didn’t help that it was raining and I was listening to X-Static Process by Madonna on the way. Walking from my office to your place made me even feel nostalgic. It was a very weird feeling one word couldn’t possibly describe. Even when I think about it, multiple words couldn’t either. It felt so weird knowing I wouldn’t step foot into this building anymore.

I wanted to add a note to the key but I really didn’t know what to say. And it just didn’t feel right to stick it to a Post-It saying ‘Thanks for everything’. There’s a lot I’d like to say that wouldn’t fit on a note. I just don’t know, exactly what it is. But I will figure it out and say it. Here.

Read the follow-up by clicking here.

Title photo by Billy Kidd.




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