A Week without Social Media | Part 2

I completed my 'Week without Social Media' challenge and present the results. I am surprised by how well it went, so I highly recommend this. Find out here how you may profit from fasting and detoxing on social media!


We’re all gross, weird and twisted freaks

If we're all freaks with a buttload of baggae, what is there to lose when being honest about our negative side with new partners? Let me elaborate on how I think many of us share their gross, weird and dark sides step by step.

A Look inside my Head

I am always critizing how dishonesty on social media makes us unhappy. But I'm not better, always trying to portray the best image of myself. Let's break the habit and be honest. So, here is me trying not to make myself look like a genius superhero but like the casual trainwreck I am.