Letter to My Ex | Part 2

I wish this was easier to write. I wish I would have gathered my thoughts but I’m still all over the place. Maybe that’s why I need to write this.


Forget about the ‘Good old Days’

After realizing how different my life is now that I'm older and officially done wasting my young years, I decided to talk about good and bad things occuring when growing up. I guess these are normal life changes I wanted to reflect on.

Losing friends

Losing friends hurts. Losing friends sucks. You may be prepared for a battle but you're never prepared to loose someone. Losing a friends is like losing an old partner in crime. I try to understand why this happens and if its a process I can get comfortable with. More than anything, I try to remember good times without sliding into bad times.

A Casual Trainwreck

I explain why I changed the name of this blog and why 'New Honesty' doesn't fit anymore. More than anyting I am writing about how many people are defined by life goals or career goals and why I don't want that for myself. I want to be happy but is there a helpful life manual somewhere?

Sexuality as a spectrum

Do you believe that you are born either a girl or a boy? Do you believe that sex and gender are assigned at birth? Do you believe that someone is either straight or gay? Do you believe there's no 'in-between'? I talk about all this topics inspired by a conversation I heard on the bus. Kids oversharing their sex life in public...