Relationship Expiration Date

Some relationships are meant to last and some are just fun times with an expiration date. That doesn't mean you won't get attatched to that person though. Let me tell you some of my confusing and intense stories since starting short-term dating.


We’re all gross, weird and twisted freaks

If we're all freaks with a buttload of baggae, what is there to lose when being honest about our negative side with new partners? Let me elaborate on how I think many of us share their gross, weird and dark sides step by step.

Sexuality as a spectrum

Do you believe that you are born either a girl or a boy? Do you believe that sex and gender are assigned at birth? Do you believe that someone is either straight or gay? Do you believe there's no 'in-between'? I talk about all this topics inspired by a conversation I heard on the bus. Kids oversharing their sex life in public...