Fake It ‘till You Make it

Since I've finished my studies, the favorite question of everyone (and my most dreaded one) seems to be what I'm gonna do with my life now. And I don't know. Therefore, I've developed two strategies to tackle annoyingly profound questions.

Running towards Death

Finishing school at 18, studying ‘til the mid-20s, finding a job soon after, the love of a lifetime along the way, getting married before turning 30 and having kids soon after… Is this what we need to be happy?

Forget about the ‘Good old Days’

After realizing how different my life is now that I'm older and officially done wasting my young years, I decided to talk about good and bad things occuring when growing up. I guess these are normal life changes I wanted to reflect on.

2nd Class Humans

While crossing the border between Cambodia and Thailand by foot, I remembered injustices at border controls going beyond the human dignity. I share a story of xenophia that lowered my belief in basic human decency.

A Casual Trainwreck

I explain why I changed the name of this blog and why 'New Honesty' doesn't fit anymore. More than anyting I am writing about how many people are defined by life goals or career goals and why I don't want that for myself. I want to be happy but is there a helpful life manual somewhere?

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