Relationship Expiration Date

Some relationships are meant to last and some are just fun times with an expiration date. That doesn't mean you won't get attatched to that person though. Let me tell you some of my confusing and intense stories since starting short-term dating.

A Look inside my Head

I am always critizing how dishonesty on social media makes us unhappy. But I'm not better, always trying to portray the best image of myself. Let's break the habit and be honest. So, here is me trying not to make myself look like a genius superhero but like the casual trainwreck I am.

Fake It ‘till You Make it

Since I've finished my studies, the favorite question of everyone (and my most dreaded one) seems to be what I'm gonna do with my life now. And I don't know. Therefore, I've developed two strategies to tackle annoyingly profound questions.

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