Running towards Death

Finishing school at 18, studying ‘til the mid-20s, finding a job soon after, the love of a lifetime along the way, getting married before turning 30 and having kids soon after… Is this what we need to be happy?

Forget about the ‘Good old Days’

After realizing how different my life is now that I'm older and officially done wasting my young years, I decided to talk about good and bad things occuring when growing up. I guess these are normal life changes I wanted to reflect on.

Losing friends

Losing friends hurts. Losing friends sucks. You may be prepared for a battle but you're never prepared to loose someone. Losing a friends is like losing an old partner in crime. I try to understand why this happens and if its a process I can get comfortable with. More than anything, I try to remember good times without sliding into bad times.

A Casual Trainwreck

I explain why I changed the name of this blog and why 'New Honesty' doesn't fit anymore. More than anyting I am writing about how many people are defined by life goals or career goals and why I don't want that for myself. I want to be happy but is there a helpful life manual somewhere?

Real Life Hacks!

After going through some rough and stressful times, I decided to share a fateful story that got me back on track. Then I remembered some real life hacks I want to share. Don't worry, these won't cover tricks to save space on your phone but real helpful tips to snap out of dark times!

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